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How can the IPOS rein sensors help you?


Eighty percent of the riders do not ride symmetrically. Forty percent of the riders do not realize that they are not symmetrical. The IPOS rein sensors measure the symmetry whilst riding. This can be seen live in the app. The result can be viewed both during and after the training. Read more...

The feeling in numbers

As a coach you want to pass on a certain feeling to your riders. This is sometimes quite difficult. With the IPOS rein sensors and the IPOS app, as a coach I can now show my riders these feelings in numbers. Because of this, the rider understands me more easily. This helps me a lot in teaching. Read more...


Riders want to be gentle to their horses. Be sure of this and measure the lightness of your aids while riding. The IPOS rein sensors measure your rein tension. This can be viewed live while riding and the difference of aids between left and right can be measured. Read more...

How can the IPOS Training Application help you?

Avoid overloading:            Plan your training

It's your responsibility to make sure your horse is fit enough for the goal you want to achieve.The IPOS app measure the actual intensity of your training. Not based on your feelings but based on hard numbers. The app records the intensity of training and determines the fitness level of your horse. The IPOS app helps to increase the fitness of your horse to your desired goal. Read more...

More muscle on your horse

Muscles grow in rest, so plan between heavy training days sufficient rest days. The IPOS app can measure the intensity of the training and the ability of your horse. Read more...

How to... Train your horse fit with the IPOS Training Application

Download the IPOS App       

Get the IPOS Training Application in the PlayStore or App store. Register using our two factor authenticator so we can secure your privacy.

Become a IPOS member

Members register their horse for 1,95 a month. Track all types of training to calculate the fitness of your horse. Prevent overloading and build up muscle responsibly.

Start your training

To track your training press START TRAINING. Place the phone in your saddle pad, girth pouch or in your pocket (when riding) to reigster the time spend per gait.

Save your training

At the end of a training: Hold the stop button for 3 seconds. Leave comments or change the type of training. Your results are stored per horse in the LOGBOOK.

Analyze your training

Open the MENU and select TRENDS to analyze the intensity of your training per week. See how your horses fitness level go up over time.

How to... Get more insights with IPOS Rein Sensors

Get your personal rein sensors


Get your personal rein sensors in the IPOS webshop or in your local tack shop. Share sensors with friend or your coach to save money.

Charge the sensors

Place the sensors on a Qi certified wireless charging pad with the charging side down, facing the pad. The LED indicator on your charging pad will flicker or switch off when the batteries are fully charged.

Connect the sensors

Shake the sensors to turn them on (green light = on). Go to the REIN SENSOR in the MENU and select left (or right) sensor to scan and connect (Blue light = connected). Finish training. 

Mount the sensors

Connect the sensors clip to the bit ring. Connect one side at a time. Disconnect the rein from the bit and conect it to the bar athe the other end of the sensor. Be safe and dismount before you unleash the rein.

Swipe to get more data

Start the training and swipe to the right to view different rein tension representations. Check if the left and right side is presented correct in the app. Strive for lightness to the aid and symmetry and balance in your horse.

How to get your personal Rein Sensors and the IPOS Training Application?






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