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IPOS is a high-tech start-up business with international ambitions. We have been awarded the Dutch Sports Innovation Award and the Global Game Changer in Sports Award.

The IPOS System consists of a training application combined with different wearable devices to monitor the performance of the horse and rider. These devices connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

IPOS was founded in 2018 by a veterinarian and licensed horse riding instructor, Menke Steenbergen. The team is quickly growing with young professionals who are highly qualified in complementary professional expertise, ranging from application and cloud software development to sensor technology designers, and horse trainers/ domain experts.

We are located at the Silicon Valey of Europe; the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.


2019: ASML Young Makers Award

2018:  Gerard & Anton Award

2018: Game Changers Startup Competition

2017: The Dutch Sports Innovation Award

2016: Sport Innovation Award


Menke Steenbergen

I´m the CEO and founder of IPOS. Moreover, I'm a veterinarian and licensed horse riding instructor.

Marcin Klecha

I´m the CTO of IPOS and I'm responsible for technology-related policies and implementation.

Joost den Boer

I´m the architect of the IPOS Cloud.

Ralf Wyszomirski

I´m one of the engineers who help to develope the training application  IPOS.

Mariëlle van Haren

I´m working as an accountant for  IPOS.

Annabelle Honsel

I´m a trainee and working as a marketing manager for the next 5 months. 

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