Moving together means

working together.

At IPOS we ­believe ­that­ a ­satisfied,­ healthy­ horse­ will­ deliver­ better achievements ­and­ will­ be­ more fun to ­work­ with.­ By giving riders more­ insights the­ perfect partnership ­between rider­ and ­horse arises. 

We are open to collaborate with anyone that contributes to this goal. With our­ partners­ we­ work,­just­ as­ within­ our­ team,­ together­ on­ the basis ­of­ trust­ and­ autonomy.

We are innovators because we see the horse industry of the future where technology and data will become part of the standard gear of riders. We challenge ourselves constantly and keep moving forward.­ We­ are­ never ­done learning­ and we ­challenge ­each ­other ­in ­technology ­and all specific domain ­knowledge. ­This way we aim for the highest quality for our horses as well as in our product.

Menke Steenbergen

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