Avoiding Injuries

My name is Bart. I train several young horses to prepare them for competitions. I have my own training stable and have turned my hobby into my profession. I ride the horses using my common sense, I have been doing this for years. Every horse is different. I think it is important that I do not overtrain a young horse. Because I mainly do this through what I feel, I find it difficult to control this. I wonder when it is too much for a horse. I regularly notice that a horse suffers from muscle pain the day after a training and then I take it easy. But I don't know if taking it easy is enough.

I wanted to climb up in the sport with my horse Randy. I slowly started to train for a longer time The app measures the intensity of a training, the total training time per week and the number of training sessions per week. I know that I cannot increase more than 10% per week. Only now that I measure my training I found out that I secretly build it up too fast. Randy's fitness level is a lot lower than the intensity of some training sessions. I also didn't always give Randy enough time to recover. I wanted too much in a too short period of time. To make Randy fitter I have to build up even more gradually. This is how I give Randy time to get stronger.


Now that I realise this, I can adjust my training to the fitness level per horse. This way I can also plan the number of rest days. I am happy that I can now build a training schedule for each individual horse. Now I know which horse needs to exercise and how intensive and long this training should be.

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