Coaching 'rein feel' in numbers

I am John, I am a coach of competition riders. I want to pass on knowledge to other riders. Sometimes, I feel like I am failing as a coach and that I am ‘talking to a brick wall’. Many of my students do well and accept my directions, but in some cases, I can give instructions a thousand times and yet, it doesn't entirely get through to the student.  Sometimes, I get tired of them not understanding me. 

My goal is to improve the harmony between horse and rider. In my opinion, better harmony between rider and horse leads to better performance. 


With many years of experience, I think that I am coaching riders in the right way. Yet, I sometimes wonder why I can't get through to all my students. I am their coach, and I want to teach them things.


I often say: “More pressure on the outside rein!". The student may reply that they are implementing this, but I don't see any change in the horse. I was wondering how I could make these things clearer to them. I keep repeating myself, but sometimes, this doesn’t help. Now, I use Ipos Technology’s Training App to measure rein pressure. This App displays the live rein pressure from left and right reins. I use the App during my lessons. I can now show my students exactly when pressure between left and right is different. And when I tell them to keep the pressure on the outside rein, I can check it and show them this in the App. It helps me to make my riders aware of any imbalance in rein pressure.


They often maintain their corrections for a little while during the lesson, but after two rounds they may fall back. Luckily, I can see this straight away on the Ipos Technology Training App. Then, I will call out to them: “Outside rein!“ again, and I show the image again. I have noticed that it is difficult for some students to suddenly change their old habits. However, with the App, I don’t have to repeat instructions as often, as without it. I have the idea that it is now clearer to my students. I also see that their horses perform better, and this is exactly what we want and aim for.


I have the impression that they find riding with the Ipos Technology Training App and Rein Sensors a nice addition. I even have new customers who come especially for it. After a week of training at home, they might return to their old patterns, and we then have to repeat the exercises again for a few weeks. Ideally, they continue to check their responses at home. To do it right, they should ride with the Rein Sensors for every one of their own home training sessions.

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