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Ipos Coaches Course

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Are you that instructor, rehabilitation expert, animal physiotherapist, or another specialist in equestrian sports who wants to stand out from the crowd? Then the Ipos instructor training is for you.

Especially for instructors and advisers who work with reins sensors, we offer free training of 8 half-days so that you can further immerse yourself in working with reins sensors in equestrian sports.

Ipos certified instructors receive:

  • An Ipos certificate: This allows you to give clinics and demonstrations on behalf of Ipos.

  • 35 license points for KNHS Instructors.

  • A partner code and up to 15% commission on the reins sensors sold through you.

  • You become a member of our network of innovative instructors.

The training consists of 4 half-days of theory, in which we:

  • Provide background information about the sensors and technology. Consider the possibilities and limitations of load cells, safety systems that are built-in. And you learn to solve small problems in the field.

  • We provide an overview of all scientific knowledge in the field of rein pressure. For example, the effect of the type of bit, the elasticity of the rein, what is the optimal rein pressure. What is the difference between underpressure and overpressure and what different definitions are there for Lateralization (preferred hand of the horse)

  • We show how to use rein pressure data in practice. What is the optimal pressure? How light is light? You learn to read and improve aids, support and skew. We build up the information on the basis of the scale of the training.

  • Finally, we pay attention to you as a trendsetter in the horse sector. You are now using technology in your training and that gives you an edge over other instructors and advisors. We want to help you utilize this lead in your services and marketing. For example, by recommending you as a clinician on behalf of Ipos. After this course, you will have sufficient baggage for this.


All presentations are recorded and remain available for replay throughout the course. You will also receive a theory book with references to the literature used


Horse people are practical people, so we mainly work with measurements. For the course, it is, therefore, necessary that you are in possession of sensors. During the weeks you measure various combinations and guide them based on the data. Apply the newly acquired knowledge to your own field. You write a report (with a photo or video material) of at least 4 practical cases, the cases together form your portfolio. Always describe the situation and how you used the rein pressure data to give you advice. During the 4 practice days, we share our experiences with each other, 2 or 3 cases will be discussed per day.

Because the group is very diverse, we will also be able to learn a lot from each other in this part. A bit fitter uses the sensors to determine the most optimal bit and an animal physiotherapist uses the data to substantiate his therapy. Does a horse really become straighter after treatment? And can he or she also help the rider to keep the horse upright? And an instructor will strive for balance and symmetry, but how do you achieve that?

We conclude the training with a theory exam. Together with your portfolio, this forms the basis for your assessment.

Download the June 2021 Dutch Program here

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Menke Steenbergen

Ipos' Founder and CEO

Menke is trained as an ORUN Instructor, Veterinarian and Organization Scientist. Since 2008 she has been developing reins sensors and has measured rein pressure on hundreds if not thousands of horses.

In this training she will share her insights and experiences, making use of the latest scientific insights as much as possible. Because Menke herself is also regularly in jail, she will always try to make the knowledge as practical as possible. In this way, the reins sensors can bridge the gap between science and practice. Finally, Menke is also the author of the book Paardsignalen and various scientific publications in the field of equestrian sports and technology.

Roald van der Vliet

Director InnoSportlab De Tongelreep

As manager of InnoSportLab De Tongelreep, Roald van der Vliet sees the best competitive swimmers in the Netherlands training every day, where things have to be done faster and better every time. That is the beauty of top sport! Just when you think that the human limits have been reached, a top performance follows that exceeds everything. In that eternal hunt for swimming records, sports innovation plays a very important role. Innovation and top sport reinforce each other, one cannot exist without the other. 

During this session, Roald van der Vliet, successful entrepreneur and Manager of InnoSportLab De Tongelreep, will tell participants in an inspiring way and, using beautiful video material, will show how companies, science, top swimmers and coaches work together on a daily basis to develop innovative training facilities. 

Peter Krom

R&D at Ipos Technology

During my career, I always have been in the lead of first-of-a-kind product development over different product areas. From healthcare to consumer lifestyle and from industry to lighting. Since 2010 all these projects are in the area of smart and connected lighting. Power over Ethernet lighting, Indoor Positioning, and cloud software for lighting management are some of the projects since then.

Ipos's knowledge of the horse industry combined with an experienced tech team put us in the pole position in implementing IoT in this new market. At the same time, we are developing software services that not only enable efficient management and monitoring of horses in a horse-centered way but also generate value beyond performance, based on the digital infrastructure and the knowledge it provides about welfare.

Annika Rettig

Clickhorse Marketing

I know everything about online marketing tools and traits and could therefore help you with your website, email campaigns, social media strategy, or measuring the effectiveness of your activities. I also like to think along about strategic issues and the determination of your brand value and long-term strategy communication. My commitment, therefore, depends on your company, the current challenges, and what you would like to achieve.


I have many years of experience in the equine industry and have already thought along with various companies, such as a trainer of horses, owner of a stable, producer of fences or other horse products, photographer, accountant, webshop owner, producer of clothing, influencer or health professional I approach every ask based on the thought “what would I do if this were my company” and thus resist you and your situation.

Daisy van Hoof- van Riemsdijk

Marketing and communication

From Horse-aholic to Hotello and back again!

When veterinary medicine was out of the question, Daisy started following the Hospitality management course. Nice and wide! At the Hotel School in The Hague you will learn Hospitality down to the last detail, using a Hotel as an example. That is where everything is covered, from Operations, HR, Finance, ICT and .... Marketing & Communications. The latter appealed to her the most. What she missed was the direct link with animals and especially horses (her passion), but she saw that again later.

After an educational career at all types of companies, both with tangible products and service-oriented (tourism, diamonds, socks, legal profession), in which events always played the largest role, the lost horse girl is now completely at home. A starting horse tech company with a great need to spread the message and realize sales through events!

Structure is not her forte, but this is greatly offset by spontaneity and enthusiasm! Something that can come in handy during events.

"Make them remember you and what you have to offer"
During the course, Daisy takes you along the most important pillars that will be discussed in successfully organizing and hosting your clinic / event in a way that fits with Ipos Technology's ID and culture.

Marcin Klecha

Chief Technology Officer

Marcin has a degree in Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics and 18 years’ experience at Phillips in designing and bringing innovative and complex end-to-end architectures to the market, ranging from embedded devices to cloud systems and services for healthcare, semiconductors.


Marcin is a real team builder with excellent leadership capabilities, which results in teams that release features to the market in a fast and accurate way.

Marcin will be presenting our Technology in the English course only.