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Rein Sensors

When will the Rein Sensors be delivered?

After you order, the sensors will be shipped as soon as possible, usually within the following week. You will receive a tracking code in your mailbox to follow your package.

Is it possible to measure lead rope pressure with the sensors?

The IPOS Rein Sensor can measure all types of tension. The sensors are used for rowing, in Dog walking on a leash and thus can also measure the tension on a lead rope. The app, however, is set to always register two sensors at the same time. So it needs two sensors connected to collect data. Simply put one sensor in your pocket and one on the lead rope to start collecting data.

Can the sensors detect injuries?

We are working to detect injuries with the Rein Sensors. For now, it's not possible.

I have issues with my old Rein Sensors (before 2017)

The computer doesn’t recognize the USB:
Setting the Right Com Port
Go to Bottom left in the menu bar Search for Device Manager. Then (COM)Port adjust to COM port 11 if necessary. Click on “properties” Click on the tab “Port Settings” on “Advanced” Click left on “COM port” and select “COM11” Activate Port Restart your computer before starting the RTD. If this doesn’t work try one of the options below. Disabling the Signature Reïnforcer in Windows 10. Windows menu flag and then Settings. Update and security system recovery Advanced Boot Options Restart now Solve problems Advanced Options Startup Settings Restart Key 7 Computer restarts. Plug USB back in. Rebooting the computer or Swapping USB insert will sometimes be necessary. Installing Driver Software: Put the USB receiver into your computer. Go to Device Manager Click now to other devices, click with the right mouse button on the base Freesense USB Port and select “properties” Click the tab “Driver” on “update” Click on “my computer for driver software” Click below on “I want to choose from a list on my computer …” Now look for the Centaur Driver software on your computer Click on “Open” Click on “OK” Click on “Next” Click on “Install this driver software anyway” The driver software will now be connected to the RTD USB receiver. Have you misplaced the RTD Software. Download the following file: Software Centaur_2016 Unzip the files Follow the steps above to install the driver and appoint the approriate COM port.

Can the sensors detect if it's me or my horse causing the pressure?

The IPOS Rein Sensor measures the total amount of pressure which is established by both you and the horse. Together it forms a sinus pattern. After measuring rein tension for 5 years, we now know which deviation in pattern comes from you and what comes from the horse. We will explain this in the App at a later stage. In either case, it is up to the rider to find a solution, whether it was a horse-related or a rider related issue.

One of my sensors shows a blue light, the other a green one, and they are not connecting to my phone. What do I do?

Unfortunately we don't have a long-term solution for this issue yet, but there is definitely a quick fix. Simply place the sensors on the charging pad, until they start charging. When you lift them up, they will automatically reset. Don't worry, this will not disconnect the sensors from your phone. Please note that this solution does not work with fully charged sensors, because they need to be able to charge to be reset this way. Just wait a few minutes and they will have used enough battery to be able to charge and thus reset. You might keep your charging pad at home or there are no outlets at your barn. Some newer phones offer the option to "Reverse Wireless Charge", which allows your phone to share a little battery power with another wirelessly charged device, like the Rein Sensors. It won't be enough to charge them, but it is enough to reset them. You could also choose to bring a small USB powered charging pad and a powerbank, so you can reset them on the go, whenever it might be necessary.

How do I update my rein sensors?

If a software update is available for your Ipos rein sensors. You will see the UPDATE option appear in the rein sensor setup. The last update is released January 27th 2021 with application version 1.4.17. With this update we have made improvements to Bluetooth connectivity and the stability of the connection. Make sure your application is updated to the latest version 1. Connect to your sensor in the Rein sensor menu. 2. Select either the left or right sensor. They both need to be update individually. 3. If a new version of the firmware is available the update option will appear as an option. 4. Select Start update. 5. Keep the sensors close to the phone while the new software is uploaded. 6. Confirm after the update is successful.

Ipos App

On which smartphones does the app work?

The app will work when the smartphone has an accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. The app will not work with these smartphones: o Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 o Huawei P9Lite o Huawei P8 Lite 2015 o HiSense L830 o Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 o Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 o Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 o Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4S

Can I use the app without the Rein Sensors?

Yes, this is possible. You can analyze your riding with the Ipos app that contains a recap of your training sessions with the intensity score, full-ride analytics and a graphical display of performance (location).

Is the app use included in the price of the Rein Sensors?

To use the Rein Sensors and read out the real-time rein sensor data, you can download the app. Live use of the app is always free. If you would like to have access to your saved trainings and use these to analyze your training, you will need a subscription.

Can I register multiple horses?

At the moment you can only register one horse per account. We are working very hard to make the tracking of multiple horses in one account possible. If you cannot wait, you could create an extra account with a different email address to register another horse.

My training was stopped. The app crashes during the training.

Your phone is set to save battery by not allowing apps to run in the background. After not using your phone for 5 minutes the app is automatically killed by your phone. Disable the battery saving mode under your phone settings to allow the Ipos app to keep tracking the phone, even when you are not actively looking at the screen.

How can I cancel my subscription?

For now the Ipos app is completely free. If you wish to cancel your membership, send an email to and we will cancel it for you. You don't have to give us a reason but it does help us improve the app for other users! The IPOS app has no strings attached. You can cancel a subscription at any time. As soon as you cancel the subscription ends at the end of your payment period. Cancel the subscription in your Play Store or App Store. Go to “subscriptions” and choose the IPOS app. Cancel the subscription at the bottom. You cannot cancel a subscription through the IPOS App itself.

To what distance can the app retrieve data? (if used with Rein Sensors)

The reach of live streaming is 40 meters. This does depend on local circumstances.

Can I also film while I'm using the app? (if used with Rein Sensors)

The IPOS app does not support this feature in the app. Of course you can always take a separate camera to film your training with and analyse the rein tension data afterwards. We recommend making separate recordings per exercise. For example your pressure increases during extended trot. Measure only one extended trot. Stop the training and save this part separately. Repeat the exercise and see if you can improve the balance of the horse. This should result in a light steady rein tension throughout the extended trot. Check your progress by comparing the sessions. TIP: Change the name of each session before you save it.

Is there audio feedback?

The IPOS App does not give audio feedback yet.

What do the numbers mean on the intensity and fitness levels?

As you've noticed, our app gives you a number to tell you how intensive your training was. This number is based on a horse's average heart rates in walk, trot and canter. The number in itself will not give you much to work with after one training. The number will be higher if you've trotted or cantered more, because a horse's heart rate is higher during those gaits. What is important is your horse's fitness level. Use the app every time you exercise your horse as you normally would, whether you're riding or lunging him. For lunging you might have to figure out a way to attach your phone to your lunging girth, for example with a running armband. After 21 days, the app will have calculated your horse's fitness level. Then you can start basing your training on the numbers in the app. An intensive training should be higher than your horse's fitness level, and a recovery training should not exceed this level. This gives his muscles time to heal from the intensive work. We recommend reading our blog about Training with Intensity and Fitness Level, for a better understanding of what you can do with the numbers and how to avoid overtraining your horse. Also feel free to send us your weekly summaries after you've established a fitness level in the app, so we can help you improve your training schedule. You can email them to us at


How can I do research with the app and sensors?

Rein tension data is stored in a logbook, per calendar day the recordings are saved in sessions. Clicking on a session allows you to view some statistics such as left and right rein tension. In the app you can also look at the data in a graph. You can swipe and zoom in and out analysing your data. For research, you might want to use raw data in Excel. We allow you to download the data per session as a CSV file. For example, in Excel you can analyze all 80 data samples that we collect per second. We use a universal time stamp that allows you to sync with other data sources as well.

What happens with my data? Is my data protected?

We take your privacy seriously: o By using the app, you acknowledge and agree that you will disclose information to IPOS in order to enable IPOS to use such information to pre-populate registration and login forms for your convenience and/or to complete services and transactions at your request. o In order to provide you with certain services through the application, we may ask you for personal information. We will not, without your permission, provide this personal information to other third parties other than the IPOS distributor in your country, except as necessary to fulfil your requests. IPOS has taken all appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to, improper use and the inaccuracy of your personal information.

What will I get when I download my raw data?

After you download your raw data, you will have a CSV file with all your measurements. The Rein Sensors register data every 12.5 msec, so 80 times per second. All this data will be in one column at first. The CSV file will open in Excel. There, after selecting the entire first column, under "Data" you can choose "Text to Columns". You can now separate the data by commas, and Excel will show you three columns: Time, Left & Right. Make sure to save the document as an Excel file after separating the columns, or the Time data will not be saved correctly. Read more about what the data means here.

Why does it say "User does not exist" when I try to log in to My Ipos?

You've probably created an account in the app using a Google, Facebook or Apple account. Unfortunately, because of privacy laws in the Netherlands, we are not allowed to give out data to those accounts. The best way to solve this is by logging out and creating a new account using your email address and a password. You will have to reapply for the Ipos Membership, so you might not immediately be able to measure rein tension. Please let us know if you're creating a new account and want us to end the membership on your old account.

I just logged in to My Ipos but I don't see a Download button.

This happens a lot but fortunately it doesn't mean that your data is not there. Make sure your browser remembers your password and keeps you logged in, then close the browser. If you click on the link in your email again, you should now see a Download button.


What is good rein pressure?

This is probably the most asked question we get. The optimal pressure is not yet defined by science. So we have to go with the next best thing; being what experts say about this. Throughout all horse riding disciplines whether it is dressage, western or racing it is commonly excepted that we strive to make the horse obey to the lightest (rein) pressure. The FEI talks about “lightness” as a result of collection and making it seem like the horse is doing it by himself. With this horse welfare should always be on the top of your mind.
To give you some direction: in English style riding we see young or untrained horses with tension around 4-6 kilogram and collected dressage horses not exceeding 2 kilogram anymore.

Secondly we strive for symmetry in the reins and thus balance in the horse. The end goal should be to make the horse strong and supple on both sides of the body. To get there one might need to use a bit more pressure on one side temporarily. But this should not be the end result. In general, we see about 75% of the riders with more tension in the right rein, often making them less supple to this side as well. Whether this asymmetry is caused by the rider or the horse does not matter. It is up to the rider to straighten the horse or find out why the horse can’t.
We know that a lot of different factors cause a horse to be heavy on the bit, non-responsive to aids or asymmetrical. Ask your coach to help you with this and use the sensors to track your progress.

What is the difference between contact and rein tension?

Rein tension is made up out of your contact, the movement of the head of the horse (biomechanics) and the cues you give. In English riding, contact is the baseline pressure that you apply to the bit and what the horse accepts and leans into. It allows you to position the head of the horse and his outline as its head follows your hand. In general we see contacts between 0.5 and 1 kilograms. It should never be zero because having a baseline contact makes your total rein tension go down. It allows you to use smaller aids to communicate to your horse. And independent seat and lose elbows are essential for establishing a steady light contact.

Can I give a demo with the app and the sensors?

It’s great that you want to demonstrate the rein sensors to your peers. If you want to show your mobile screen on a big screen you can use a laptop on the side of the arena. Connect the laptop to big screens using HDMI for example. Connect your phone to your laptop using a Screen mirror or a similar app. This allows you to project what you see on your mobile phone onto your computer. If you now start the IPOS app and show the life tension data come in. Your audience can see this as well. Make sure to charge your phone or have a power bank connected because it takes up quite some energy resources from the phone. Do you want to be part of the IPOS Demo team and get more information and background on how to use sensors and what to present then sign up for our online Trainers program. Having your own sensors and some experience with them is required for this.

Duo Charger

Is the Duo Charger included with my purchase of the Rein Sensors?

Sadly, it is not. However, you can now purchase them together as a Combo Deal, which you can find in the Shop.

With which type of plug does the Duo Charger come?

The Ipos Duo Charger comes with three interchangeable plugs, for Europe, the UK and the USA. If your country uses a different type of outlet, you can either use an adapter or a different cord, since the charger comes with a separate cord.

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