More muscle on your horse



I really did not know how to solve the problem so I discussed this problem with my instructor. He wondered if I organized my workouts properly. My instructor advised me to download the app from IPOS. I started tracking my workouts for 21 days. After these 21 days, the app estimated the fitness level of Memphis.


It showed that I rode almost the same heavy training 6 days a week. As a result, Memphis could not recover from these tough training sessions. His muscles couldn't recover. If you divide the intensity by the fitness level that the app calculates for you, you know how many rest days you should plan. Memphis has a fitness level of 50 and after an intense workout of 85, the app indicated that I should do two gentle training sessions after that. So after the intensive training, I rode a recovery training between 40 and 60 for two days. This makes the muscles of Memphis recover and grow better. In order for muscles to grow, a horse must have sufficient rest. I wish I had known this before.


By using the app, I feel that I am already one step closer to the NK, because I now see visible difference. By training less I have been able to achieve more.

My name is Vanessa and my horse is called Memphis. Horse riding has been my passion since I was seven years old. I train him six times a week and this year we want to participate in the NK. But to participate, Memphis had to get a bit more body. To fill him up a little bit, I fed him extra concentrates and supplements. However, he did not gain more muscles. I even had the feeling that he was getting slimmer. He really was not ready for the NK yet.

Do you also want more muscles on your horse, just like Vanessa?

Then download the app from IPOS.

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