A fitbit for the horse

With the support of a government grant IPOS is investigating the feasibility of a Fitbit for the horse. The idea is to develop a sensor that can detect the different behaviours of a horse. Activity trackers are pretty common for humans so the sensor itself is not hard to come by.

The challenge will be to recognize the behaviour based on the accelerometer data the activity tracker measures.  This is where the domain knowledge of IPOS will come in handy.

But first IPOS will start by conducting a feasibility study. What problems can a activity tracker solve? How real time do you want the data to be available? What are horse owners willing to pay for the sensors and where do we put a sensor on the horse? The answers to these questions will determine what technical solution is required and if a good business case can be made.

Already the response from the market is positive. PAVO the largest horse-food company from Europe is collaborating with IPOS in this project.  “We see great potential into translating activity of the horse into calorie burn. This will make a more accurate feeding schedule possible and prevent horses from becoming obese.” Clients of PAVO will receive an personal invitation to collaborate in the development soon.

For the coming weeks IPOS is gathering insights from horse owner through an online survey. Do you own horse than please share you opinion with us by participate in the survey ‘A fitbit for the horse’:

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