A Fitbit for Horses

With the support of a grant from the Dutch Government, Ipos Technology is investigating the feasibility of a 'Fitbit for horses'. Its concept is to develop a sensor that can detect the different behaviors of the horse.

Activity trackers are common for humans, so the sensor technology itself is not hard to come by. The challenge is to recognize the horse's behavior based on the accelerometer data that the activity tracker measures.  This is where the knowledge of Ipos Technology is invaluable.

Ipos Technology will first conduct a feasibility study that includes questions, such as: What problems can an activity tracker solve? How Realtime can the available data be? What would horse owners be willing to pay for the sensors? And where should the sensor be located on the horse? The answers to these questions will determine what technical solution is required, and what business potential the resultant solution has.

With initial market research, a positive response from the market has already been obtained. PAVO, Europe's largest horse-food company, is collaborating with Ipos Technology on this project.  

“We see great potential into translating the activity of the horse into calorie burn. This could help make more accurate feeding schedules possible and prevent horses from becoming obese,” said a spokesperson from PAVO.

PAVO customers will shortly receive a personal invitation to collaborate in the development.

Over the next few weeks, Ipos Technology will gather insights from horse owners through an online survey. If you own horse, please share your opinions with us through participation in the survey: ‘A Fitbit for the horse’.