ASML Young Makers Award

For the 7th time, the ASML Young Makers Award is organized through JCI Eindhoven together with ASML. This award aims to help startups in the market industry and to give them a platform to realise their goals. Two weeks ago there was the semifinal round where 6 companies had their line-up pitch in the Boordhuys. IPOS and Polariks are in the final and get the chance to win the award on 4th October at the Beste Ondernemers Visie.

Pitches of the 6 semifinalists on 2nd September

According to the jury, they didn´t hear a single bad pitch. Every pitcher received advice about product and process. The product of the two finalists had the most potential, said the jury. Polariks, from the multi-spectral camera for agriculture and horticulture and IPOS with their rein sensors and training application for equestrian sports.

Menke Steenbergen during her pitch on 2nd September

Around the final presentation on 4th October is an inspiring and appealing program organized with good speakers and fun intermezzos. The finalists will be challenged by the day chairman about their vision and will be given a stage to explain why they have the best entrepreneurial vision and deserve the award. And you can be a part of it by buying a ticket for that awesome afternoon.

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