On 9th October #Fundright organizes a Diversity Event in Amsterdam. IPOS has been selected as one of the start-ups to be part of a Bidbook, a selection of companies with a diverse management board looking for funding, that will be presented at the event. There will be inspiring lectures and networking opportunities with startups with diverse founding teams, female founders and VCs committed to making a change.

25 progressive Dutch venture capital investors (VCs) and TechLeap.NL (formerly StartupDelta) are entering into a joint initiative under the name #FundRight that will lead to a more diverse startup ecosystem. As a first step, they are addressing equal funding opportunities for female founders by signing the diversity statement.

In 2017 only 1,6% of all venture capitalist investments in the Netherlands went to companies that were set up and run by companies with a women in the management board. In the same year male entrepreneurs raised five times more capital than women. #Fundright wants to change it because they say: " every founder has equal access to finance and opportunities, regardless of their background or gender". To achieve that, all start-ups in which the funds invest ( or have invested) must have a management team with at least 35% women within three years. The same percentage must apply to the investors themselves.

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