Internship at IPOS

Within IPOS we work a lot with interns. It is a great way to stay up to date and students always find ways to surprise you with new insights. The past weeks we had great company of three students from the HAS Den Bosh a top-notch college offering multiple courses in animal husbandry. Anke Maas and Kaye Segers explain why they liked working at IPOS.

Do you also want a position as an intern than don't hesitate to drop us an email.

“I really enjoyed my time at IPOS Technology! The assignment that was offered by IPOS Technology was great because it geared to where my interests lie and what I want to do later. As an end product, I wrote an English article about the validation of the algorithm. This was not an easy task and I occasionally ran into trouble. But I am really proud that it will now be published as a scientific paper.

Of course, I also came across difficulties. You wouldn’t learn as much if you know everything already right? But within the whole team as soon as I needed help everybody was very friendly and always available to give me a hand. Even with more personal setbacks, I felt I could share this with the rest.

Finally, I got a lot of freedom and responsibility. I could plan my own appointments and build the structure of the scientific article as I saw fit. I feel like I’ve become much more independent and a worthy member of the team. For me, IPOS was a top internship where I have learned a lot!”

Also, want to do an internship at IPOS? Drop us an email with your competencies and learning goals Perhaps you will also be joining our team shortly.

Anke and Marly testing the Gait Detection Algorithm

Kaye on her experience working at IPOS:

"I started my internship at IPOS Technology on December 2, 2018. I had no idea what to expect and what IPOS would expect from me. Soon, I noticed that there was a relaxed and cozy atmosphere at the company. There is a lot of laughter and chatter but everybody certainly works hard. Everyone is motivated and does everything to make the company as good as possible.

My assignment was interviewing several top riders and rehabilitation clinics about what their training programs look like. I then processed these programs in Excel, so that they can be put into the application. I also wrote a blog about what a good training program must look like. These were both tough assignments that took a lot of time. I have been allowed to work independently and fill in my weeks as I liked. I really enjoyed this freedom.

As a final product I put together 15 training programs in Excel, a blog and I create a template for other coaches to provide their training programs in.

I did not expect that I could achieve so much results in only 12 weeks. I end this internship today with a nice and satisfied feeling!"

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