Introducing VEDS

Veeren Electronics is the company designing the new rein sensors for IPOS. From left to right the team consists of Raily (electronics), Glenn (mechanics), Rene (firmware) and Roy (manager). All there to build us a fancy new and improved Rein Sensor.

The Team at VEDS working on the rein sensors

Veeren Electronic Design Solutions, abbreviated V.E.D.S., Q-Matrix and Wingz. Together these three entities form the VEDS Group. An organization that specializes in the development and production of multidisciplinary, technical projects and products in different markets. From the smaller activity such as support for your own project, to the full realization (including project management) of your yet to be realized technological ideas. This makes us the perfect 'one-stop-shop' partner for (future) customers, from start-ups to large international parties.

The collaboration between VEDS and IPOS is made possible by Metropool region Eindhoven who cofunds the development of rein sensors.

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