IPOS: What's in the name

The ancient Greek word for horse is ‘íppos (pronounced: hippos). It was the Greeks who were the first to master the arts of horseriding some 3.500 years ago. In ancient Greek stood the cradle of present-day equestrian sports, and we are proud of our traditional origins. However, it’s time for renewal. This is why we decided to call our company IPOS; ‘íppos repackaged.

Ancient greek riding 'ippos As they used to call horses.

IPOS is pulling the equestrian sports toward modern times. With the help of our technology we improve the performance of riders and drivers, no matter the discipline. With this IPOS is worldwide leader when it comes to modernization of the equestrian sports.

Technology as key for success

Technology has helped athletes in many sports disciplines to improve their performances. The first time cyclists started to measure the amount of rotations of their pedals, everyone thought they were crazy. “What good is that information?” was the general thought. By now everyone in cycling knows how many rotations to make where on the track to make sure they don’t acidify and thus win. The same goes for measurements in equestrian sports. What measurement information will bring to the sport, we don’t exactly know yet. What we do know is that it is going to change the way we train forever and it will bring a competitive advantage to equestrians.

The harmony will always be there

Equestrian sports will always be special, because we’re dealing with an animal, the ‘íppos. The fact that we now know what the best contact is to ride with, doesn’t change the special bond you have to have with your horse, to get the communication as light as possible. All we do is add a number to it. The main goal is still reaching the optimal rider feeling, something the Ancient Greek master Xenophon was the first to write about, some 2.500 years ago.

Many versus smart miles

Now, it is often said that learning how to ride asks for many miles, but IPOS has a goal to make this process a lot more efficient. Using the IPOS Rein Sensors you will become a better rider more quickly, because the system gives you information on how you communicate through the reins. The IPOS system will calibrate your senses and help you develop rider feel. Besides that, the system will help you get over (often subconscious) pitfalls. A frequent rider isn’t continuously aware of everything they do. This automatism is an essential skill to execute complex actions at the same time, but it is also a perfect mechanism to subconsciously learn mistakes. Because the IPOS system gives feedback during your training, you can prevent or solve errors that may have come up. Instead of many miles, we’re going to make smart miles in the future.

This is what we call: “the lightest touch for the best performance”

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