KNHS supports IPOS

IPOS receives a subsidy for the further development of the Rein Sensors for equestrian sports from the Eindhoven metropole region (MRE). The board is of the opinion that the project contributes substatially to the economic structure and strengthening of the region.

KNHS director, Theo Fledderus

The board made this decision based on the support of the Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation (KNHS), Stichting Sports & Technology and Oculus Insights. All three parties have expressed there support towards the innovative products of IPOS technology.

Director Theo Fledderus, from the KNHS writes in his letter that they want to support the activities of IPOS technology. The main goals of the KNHS being the improvement of training techniques, preventing of injuries to rider and horse and getting even more insight into matters that can make the difference in top sport.

IPOS thanks Metropole Region Eindhoven, the KNHS, Sports & Technology and Oculus Insights for their trust.

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