Parenting styles in dog handling

On Wednesday December 12th, IPOS Technology was invited to Kynologisch Nederland to help Wageningen University with a study on 'leash pressure' in dog handling. The question of this study was to investigate the relationship between the dog owners parenting style en the amount of pressure on his leash.This pressure was measured by our rein sensor.

Rein Sensors measure the dog leash pressure. In this case 12.2 kg

Parenting style

Child-oriented parenting styles have been studied since the seventies in order to achieve an optimal education for the child. An optimal parenting style increases the chances of a happy and successful child. Research into dog-oriented parenting styles can therefore possibly give starting points to optimize the upbringing of dogs and improve dog welfare.

The structure

For this study, 25 dogs have walked two different courses. The first course was only straight ahead. On the second course there were several diversions and there were bends in the course. While the dogs walked the course with their owner, the pressure of the dog on the leash was measured with the rein sensor of IPOS Technology.

The research

The participants have completed a questionnaire in advance about how they interact with their dogs. The dogs were weighed, so that afterwards all data could be compared. The purpose of this study was to link the data from the rein sensor to the results of the completed questionnaires.

The results

From the results of the rein sensor came many different outcomes. There were dogs that did not get higher than 300 gram and dogs that came out around 12 kilogram. The most striking dog was a black Labrador. She had a pulling power of 18 kilogram!

The other results and conclusions are still to follow. Wageningen University will analyze the data and will hopefully come next year with more knowledge about the relationship between parenting styles and leash pressure.

For more information, contact Ineke van Herwijnen at Wageningen Univerity

And find out read more on parenting styles of dog owners here.

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