Training Dutch coaches

This weekend IPOS was present at the Central training day at the KNHS where the aspiring Horse instructors where getting there final education. Besides teachings of Marion Schreuder, Marrigje van Baalen, Lammert Haanstra and Anneke Hallebeek, Menke Steenbergen of IPOS has presented the IPOS Rein Sensors to the new instructors.

In a live demonstration the use of the IPOS Rein Sensors was demonstrated using the newly finished prototype. Beside educating coaches the demonstration also served as a testing opportunity to the almost finnisched product.

During the clinic Menke addressed the different factors influencing the rein pressure. First of all rein pressure is made up by the baseline connexion you and your horse have. In general this makes up for around 500- 1000 gram. It is important that this contact is never 0 so that enough impulsion remains in the horse.

On top of this contact we demonstrated the rein pressure caused by the movement of the head of the horse. An elastic hand, with flexible elbows makes this pressure to be as little and as even as possible. Also the biomechanics of the horses movement influences the amplitude of this part of the pressure. Horses that move with a hollow back show high amplitudes in this part.

Finally we addressed the way you give cues to the horse, this pressure is added to the contact and the head movement. Giving clear distinguishing aids is just as important as stopping an aid as soon as the horse responds. In the demonstration we address the power of  doing nothing. Try not to give signals to the horse and stay quite for a moment so that the horse knows he is doing a good job.

Do you also want to become a horse instructor. You find more information on the website of the KNHS.

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