The Ipos Rein sensor system consists of two rein sensors, to be placed on the left and right side, between the bit and the rein. The data is picked up by the Ipos Training Application where you can view Rein Sensor data real-time on a smartphone or tablet. 


Improve your training
Improve your training or the training of your rider by realtime feedback on a smartphone or tablet. Struggles with contact, symmetry or aids? The data from the rein sensors will be represented objectively and give you the insight where the problem could be. You can set personal goals, keep track of your progress and compare your results with other riders in your discipline and of your level if they train also with Ipos.

Easy to fit with every rein
It is very easy to connect the rein sensors with every single rein within 1 minute. Hook the end with the carabiner at the bit of your horse and the other end where the bar is for the rein. The width of the rein connection bar is 24mm. Open the rein, pull the flap through is and close the rein as normal. The sensors sit now between the bit and the rein in a safe position.

Easy to connect
The rein sensors are connected with the Ipos App via Bluetooth. Check phone compatibility by downloading the app. The connection with the rein sensors can be set up within one minute via the Rein Sensor menu. Blue lights are glowing when the connection was successful and ready for the ride. 

Wireless charging
The sensors are charged using the new wireless charging. By using this technology we were able get rid of buttons and wires, making them more robust. A wireless charging pad can be ordered soon in our shop.

8h Battery
The battery of the sensors will be empty after an 8h training. By a normal training session (1h) the rein sensors have to be charged after 1 week. Cold temperatures can speed the unloading up. Your smartphone should also have enough battery status while riding.
Insight in your tractive force

The amount of pressure is shown in real-time on both your smartphone or your coaches smartphone. The sensors measure the amount of pressure applied to the bit. The total amount of pressure is a combination of what you and the horse produce. By analyzing the pattern the software can calculate the base contact, your symmetry and the aids your giving.

Ipos Rein Sensor

SKU: 0001
Color: Black
    1. The data is picked up by the Ipos Training Application where you can view Rein Sensor data real-time on a smartphone or tablet. Check if your phone is compatible by downloading the app. Please note: to connect the sensors you need to apply for the Ipos Membership. 
    2. By charging wireless, the casing is protected from dust, sand and water.
    3. Blue lights mean that the sensor is connected
    4. Fits at any bit and reins
    5. Useable for more horses but each horse needs his own app
    6. Useable for: dressage, jumping, eventing, driving, racing and harnass racing!

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