***Even though the website says the app is "out of stock", you can still download it with the QR code, links below, or by searching for "Ipos" in you app store!***


Ipos transforms every smartphone into your personal horse training aid. Simply start the app and put the smartphone on your horse when you are riding, lunging or training in hand and the app will monitor your training. Use the Ipos Rein Sensors too while riding and get more insight into your communication as well.


Train objectively

Objective training through the digital measuring of time your horse spends in walk, trot or canter (gallop). The app calculates your training load per day and the overall fitness of your horse. At the end of the training, you get a summary with the total time spent per gait, the number of transitions and the load of that training.


Feedback riding time

Ride with Ipos to get feedback on your time per gait; (walk, trot, and canter) as well as the numbers of transitions. Use the insights to increase your performance and performance of your horse while taking care of preventing overtraining. When riding with rein sensors, Ipos provides you in real-time the pressure applied to the bit. 


Plan training

Plan training ahead for building up muscle quicker and arrive fit at a competition. Take enough time for warming up and cooling down preventing muscle soreness the next day. In the first three weeks, we determine your horse's fitness level based on the training you’ve tracked. After that, the app advises you on the number of days rest based on the intensity of the last training.


Fitness level

In the week or monthly overviews, you can analyze the fitness level build-up by the calculated training load over the past three weeks. This means the app requires you to monitor all your training for at least three weeks to get an objective insight into the fitness level of your horse


Use the QR code to go to your Google play store or iOS app store and download it now!

Ipos Training application

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  • For all equestrians

    The app is useable for all equestrians; dressage, jumping, combined driving, racing, harnass racing, lunging and walking on hand. The smartphone has to be at least at some place at the horse.

    Post-ride insight

    Analyze your riding with Ipos that contains a recap of your training sessions with the intensity score, full-ride analytics and a graphical display of performance (location). With the calendar view, you get an overview of historical training results and trends that are shown in activity details graphs. This allows you to track your horse performance over time.

    Create your own profile

    Set up a profile for you and your horse and monitor your training efforts over time.

    Sharing your rides

    Share your rides summary with friends using either social media or a messenger, so they can see how your training is going on

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