Working on symmetry

My name is Sanne, and my horse is called Nelson. I compete with him at novice level. I would like to continue with him at a higher level. While riding, I notice that everything seems to go fine when he is on the right rein, but it is more difficult to work with him on the left rein. I wonder what Iam doing wrong. Am I out of balance? Or is it Nelson? This uncertainty means that competitions have not been going so well lately. 


I raised this question with my instructor, Manon. I explained my problem to her, and she had also noticed this when I was riding. She had recently started working with Ipos Technology Rein Sensors. She suggested I use them during my lesson. She made it clear to me that it doesn't matter if Nelson is out of balance or me, because whichever it was, I am the one who had to solve the problem.


During the lesson, we started on the right rein. Nelson responded quickly to my aids, and reacted with suppleness. Then, when I wanted to circle left. I couldn't get this right. I was instructed to hold pressure on the right rein and release the left rein. I tried this and it went better.


After this, I rode another circle, but Manon saw on the App that I was riding with too much pressure on my inner rein and almost no pressure on my right rein. Manon showed my rein pressure in the App. There was a clear difference between left and right. I had a kilogram more pressure on the left rein than on the right rein. Now, I also understood why I had this problem. It was good that I could see it so clearly on the screen.

Okay, now I could try again. We started on the left rein again, but now I had to put some pressure on my right rein first. Even when going large, that is always quite difficult. Manon watched the screen, and was able to tell me when I had enough pressure on the right rein. I was not allowed to ride a circle until the pressure was correct. When I inadvertently put more pressure on the left rein, Manon was able to show this to me straight away. Very rapidly, it started to go much better on the left rein. I was able to keep the pressure on my outer rein more equal and I increasingly became more balanced. I went home with a satisfied feeling.


At home, I trained with Nelson several times, but without rein sensors, it is very difficult to get the same feeling. On the left rein, I am unable to get him to a good height with enough pressure on the outside rein. As a result, he does not always make the correct bend. I find it very difficult to solve it myself. I can't check it myself, and I have the idea that  I would never learn it. I would love to measure my rein pressure every day. Or at least, in the next few weeks, until I know what the right feeling is.



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