Train with data and better understand your horse 

Ipos introduces:

Data generated by two rein sensors and a training app, giving equestrians the insights they need to improve performance

Key Features

Data on lightness & symmetry

Fitness & load calculation

Logbook & trend analysis

Help riders find the right balance & contact while coaching them and finally quantify the ‘equestrian feel’.

The Ipos Rein Sensors get you the data you need!

Log every training and work on your horse´s fitness without overloading

Download the Ipos Training App

“At Ipos we believe that horse welfare leads to better performance.”

What riders and trainers say

Imke Schellekens-Bartels

The Netherlands

“Horse riding is a sport based on senses and we do everything by feeling, but we actually have very little scientific proof of wether what we feel is correct.
You can check all of that in the app, down to the second. How big your aid is, whether you release at the right time, wether your pressure is equal. 
It is of course about perfomance together with an animal and you want to deliver that performance while putting the well-being of the horse first.

The more you can measure the more you know, the better it is, both for the sport as well as the horse.”